122 points in 4 weeks.

That's how much and how quickly I lowered my cholesterol when I switched to a low oil, all vegan diet after being diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 36. Two years later, I've also raised my Duke score 3 points and erased my angina.

I always thought I took after my dad, who is super robust and barreling toward 80, but at least part of me took after his bother Pat who died of a massive heart attack at just 39 years old.

Today I am not only a dietary vegan, but an ethical one too. Veganism is a way of positive living and stewardship for animals, plants, people, and the planet. It's a joyful way of living AND eating —and we eat really well!

No animal has to die in order for me to live, and that makes me feel good.
— Howard Lyman, the ‘Mad’ Cowboy, 4th Generation Rancher and Vegan

Whole Food Plant Based

I'm pursuing WFPB Nutrition certification through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. I finish my certification in February 2014.


Vegan Advocacy

I'm really happy to speak publicly about my diet and the larger picture of animal welfare and public health. You can see one of my presentations here. I'm writing a free eBook with quick vegan recipes for lazy but compassionate people. Until it comes out, you should just see all the food porn on my Instagram feed.


Vegan For The Win™

My philosophy and my tumblog for vegans, the veg-positive, and the veg-curious. Recipes, cute animals, advocacy, and nature. T-shirts and other merchandise, too.