I'm in The New River Valley the rest of the week attending Master Gardener College, thanks to a scholarship from the Southside Master Gardeners Association.

Today and Thursday I'm in intensive classes to become a VA Land Steward. It's 9-5 lecture today, but tomorrow we go off campus for a "Management Through Fire" demo. Cool!

MG College proper starts Friday and the agenda, including my electives is:

-Natures Sustainabke System: A Gardener's Primer to Understanding Flows, Cycles, and Succession

-How Plants Got Their Stripes, Spits, and Blotches

-How Do You Respond When Someone Asks You "So what?" 

-Tree Biology Through the Seasons

-Let's Talk Firewise

-How We Hurt the Trees We Love: A Caregivers Dilemma

-Genetic Engineering: What It Is and How It Works

-Work Smarter Not Harder—Weed Management

- Land Care: What Can You Do Now? 

- Slow Gardening: How We Fit OURSELVES In With It All

So that's the plan, and we start in 30 minutes! More to come, especially on my Instagram—follow @bencapozzi for more!