It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
— Frederick Douglas

School Should Be Cool

In my 4 years in public education I saw otherwise bright and energetic young people put their enthusiasm on hold as they just auto-piloted through their day. But education is critical, and I've seen some of our future best and brightest dulled despite our best intentions by a factory system of learning.

Education needs to go from onus to awesome!

I'm a long-time art and design professional, plant enthusiast, and college classroom instructor eager to help young people engage their talents and stay engaged with the world; they're our best hope, so let's help them stay hopeful.

I'm working on a Very Short Manifesto to share soon, and I am happy to share my enthusiasm, experience, and attention with studentsIf you're in Blacksburg, VASouthside, VA, or the Research Triangle of NC, contact me for details.

I have never let schooling get in the way of my education.
— Mark Twain

Art and Design

At its core Art is a skill about attention and communication, and it's been marginalized to our detriment. Art teaches perspective, problem solving, communication, and attention skills. It's a discipline that develops successful professionals across many careers. I've been an Art Director, a Creative Director, a freelance designer, Multimedia, Computer Graphics, and Creative Thinking instructor, and a Design program curriculum coordinator. I'm also a decent illustrator in my own right. More to come.

Travel and Experience

Introducing students to creative professionals in my network is one of the pleasures of teaching! Be it in person or online, together we've visited Google's offices in Chelsea, Etsy's offices in Brooklyn, the Martin Agency in Richmond, and museums and galleries in between. Travel and personal relationships open many doors for eager young professionals, and there are so many great resources within Virginia and North Carolina alone! I am happy to help make connections and expand horizons for aspiring professionals. More to come.

Nature and Health

We are not always encouraged to cultivate knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world; too often we only hear about another way it's been broken, but it is deeply rewarding and informative. Gardening and kitchen skills can come together to create a fuller picture of life and health. Cooking is a joyful celebration of life and sharing; microwaving a hot pocket is not. In 2014 I'm studying Child Nutrition & Cooking through Stanford online and am eager to share! More to come.