In The Beginning, There Was Art

For as long as I can remember, there's been drawing in my life.

When I was a child, I obsessively studied Beatrix Potter drawings, some of which really creeped me out (The Roly- Poly Pudding, anyone?).

When a little older, I committed to reproducing all the drawings in a massive book of John James Audubon drawings from my parents' library.

In high school, I drew monsters and super-mutants, forts and bases for G.I. Joes on graph paper, and titillating ladies in the margins of my notebook paper.

In college, I drew lots of naked, sleeping hippies in Life Drawing classes, lots of classmates in notebook margins, and poured over giant tomes of Renaissance Masters from the Art and Architecture library.

I published comic books somewhere along the way, and also did illustrations for small press and local outlets.

Nowadays, I continue my interest in mostly heroic figures —vibrant, ideal, and tragic.

Artists whose work grabbed me include Michelangelo BuonarottiGeorge BridgmanFrank Frazetta, Inka Essenhigh, John Kricfalusi, and Takashi Murakami.

Check out my portfolio on Bēhance and follow my Tumblog and Facebook pages for the steadiest stream of new work by me (some for sale!), and other artists I like.



Zombie Pin Up Girls, Burning Babies, t-shirt designs, political cartoons, caricatures, and other series. See my Illustration work in my portfolio on Bēhance.

Fine Art

Nudes, studies, or just taking lines for a stroll in pen and ink, oils and acrylics, or iOS. See my Fine Art work in my portfolio on Bēhance.


Art & Creative Direction

From sci-fantasy comics to logo development with regional brands, I've been lucky to have a guiding hand with a host of VERY talented artists and designers. See my Art/Creative Direction work in my portfolio on Bēhance.


Graphic Design

Both for my own independent businesses and for clients across my career, I've developed graphics for print and the web, flyers and T-shirts, ads and info graphics. See my Graphic Design work in my portfolio on Bēhance.