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I am looking for meaningful work promoting businesses and causes, ideas big and small, and personal and planetary edification. Gigs in illustration, design, teaching, or advocacy (business and non-profit) or some combination thereof are especially attractive.

I'll bring with me:

  • 4-year degree
  • Graphics and marketing experience
  • Classroom teaching experience
  • Service orientation
  • Great presentation skills
  • Veteran heart disease fighter
  • ‘T-shaped’ personhood (Verified!)
  • Humor and enthusiasm

In return I'll ask for:

  • Quality leadership and mentoring
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Work that leans toward the Good
  • Competitive compensation

I invite you to view my resumé and connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact me directly.

You are the dope sauce on an awesome salad.
— Jason Berrie, DJ & Paramedic
View My Portfolio on Bēhance

View My Portfolio on Bēhance


Long before graduating from Virginia Tech with a BFA in Art & Art History, I drew, and it's never been more than a degree or two away from what brought home the bacon.* I've done illustration, caricature, painting, graphic design, web design, talent recruitment and development, and Art- and Creative Direction. You can jump right to my portfolio on Bēhance, or stay and read. More...

* Bacon is cruel. Don't dig on pig.



Plants are keeping me alive when I might otherwise be dead, so I'm pretty enthusiastic about their care and cultivation. I was completely unprepared for the joy found in the garden, and now the calling to spread –like so much green manure– the good word about a plant-based diet, a permaculture revolution, and the interrelatedness of everyone and everything (plants teach me that) has thoroughly seized me. More...



In a former job, I was routinely called the “Pied Piper” for student recruitment. I've taught art, design, creative thinking, and digital savvy to pre-K kids, college professors, and almost every age in between. I'm available for private mentoring in those subjects year-round in Blacksburg, VA, Southside, VA and the Research Triangle. I also teach for Danville Community College every fall. This year, I'm really getting into teaching about plants, and cooking for kids. More...